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Everyone is talking about Innovation… and for good reason, given the unprecedented rate of technological advances and current breakthroughs that are disrupting almost every industry across the world. For entrepreneurs, these trends present a great opportunity to innovate, create new business models and disrupt existing ones, while for existing businesses, the need for continuous innovation has become a strategic necessity for sustainability and growth.

Innovation is about doing things differently that can have an impact. The challenge is how to do it, and how to do it well in different contexts and sets of assumptions. Successful innovation involves a multitude of considerations such as:

  • Developing strategies for innovation

  • Developing new business models

  • Fostering behavioral and culture change

  • Managing innovation processes

  • Developing tools and platforms for innovation

  • Ideation, testing, prototyping

  • Fostering intrapreneurship

  • Funding

  • Analytics and metrics

  • Risk and opportunity assessment

  • Intellectual property management

We help entrepreneurs, SMEs, and large organisations with enabling successful innovation through a series of services and solutions such as:

  • Innovation strategy workshops

  • Innovation lifecycle management

  • Business model innovation

  • Design-thinking workshops

  • Design-sprints

  • Innovation culture development

  • Intrapreneurship

  • Consulting and training

Innovation: Services
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